Compass Program

The Compass program offers natural, supportive care to people undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

A cancer diagnosis is a considerable shock and the ensuing life changing events can be extremely challenging. Conventional treatments may take their toll on the body; while often effective, their known side effects may be numerous and debilitating. The aims of the Compass Program are to assist in the management of these side effects, maintain underlying health, and offer emotional and psychological support to people undergoing cancer treatment.

The program uses traditional natural medicines such as homeopathic formulations, herbal preparations, flower essences, and gem essences. When carefully selected, these medicines may provide a dynamic way to assist in the management of the numerous health concerns associated with cancer and its treatment. Additionally, dietary advice, lifestyle advice, meditation and breathing exercises may be recommended according to individual needs.
These measures may reduce the constitutional depletion that ongoing serious illness brings.

Avenues of support

Maintaining underlying health and equilibrium

It is paramount to maintain health during cancer treatment. Attending to pre-existing constitutional weaknesses will help strengthen the underlying energy, the immune system, and the organs which carry a heavy workload during chemotherapy. Natural medicines can do this job particularly well and are carefully selected according to personalised signs and symptoms.

Management of side effects

The known side effects* of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are numerous and the following lists are not exclusive of other symptoms that you may be experiencing.


o Nausea, vomiting , loss of appetite and weight loss
o Poor sleep
o Weakness and loss of energy
o Constipation or diarrhoea
o Mouth ulcers
o Nail problems


o Fatigue
o Difficulty swallowing/indigestion
o Dry or sore throat and cough
o Nausea and/or loss of appetite
o Diarrhoea
o Skin reactions

Post-Surgical support

Natural medicines have a long history of supporting people healing from the physical trauma of surgery.

Emotional and psychological support

Well-chosen natural medicines potentially offer many benefits; a sense of relief, the release of un-expressed emotions, a change in perspective, clarity, a new sense of priority, hope and trust in the process. Meditation and breathing exercises can also support this work; once learned they can be used to: manage stressful occasions, relax, aid sleep and maintain energy levels. The following states may also be benefitted:

o Loss of self esteem
o Difficulties with body image
o Moodiness and lack of motivation
o Feelings of hopelessness, despair and loss of purpose
o Feelings of stress and anxiety
o Fear of dying

Addressing the deeper aspects of disease

The cause of any critical illness may be multifaceted. With cancer toxicity, genetics, diet and lifestyle can certainly all play their part and these matters are explored and addressed within the program.
Disease may also be an expression of long held, unresolved emotions and traumas, and for some people, a need to explore this inner terrain arises in the face of a cancer diagnosis. This emotional resolution can be a significant part of the healing journey.

Detoxification and rejuvenation

Recovering well from cancer and from cancer treatment takes time; the body needs to detoxify itself to regain optimal health. This process can be aided by providing support to the organs that are doing the hard work – predominantly the liver and kidneys. Gem essences in particular can be called upon to support and strengthen these organs. At the appropriate time, simple dietary and lifestyle advice can also be given to optimise your recovery.

General Information

The Compass Program is flexible and can be accessed at any stage of your journey with cancer. Regardless of your circumstances we provide a safe and comfortable environment of non-judgement, acceptance, privacy and confidentiality.
Your program of care will be individually designed and based on numerous factors such as the types of chemotherapy drugs you have been given and side effects you are experiencing. Other aspects of the treatment are holistic and take into account your medical history, lifestyle, and mental and emotional health.

The Compass Program sits within the field of complementary medicine. It is not intended to be a replacement for conventional cancer treatment. The medicines prescribed are traditional and may be used safely in conjunction with other conventional treatment.

The Compass Program has been devised by Genevieve Scase, a professional homeopath working at The Natural Medicine Centre in Sydney, Australia. She developed a special interest in assisting people receiving conventional cancer treatment after supporting a number of family members through this challenging experience. This inspired her to do further research internationally, eventually focussing on the pioneering work of the French oncologist and homeopath Dr Jean Lionel Bagot. Dr Bagot has vast experience in the field of supportive care; his recently published book provides a wealth of knowledge and reference to the all- important research that validates this work.

*Information obtained from the Cancer Council NSW