2009 Courses

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2009 Courses

Lecture “Twelve Jewels” the Powers of the Gems in Homeopathic Medicine
by Peter Tumminello
1st International Crystal Symposium Freiburg, Germany 8-9-10 May 2009
A journey into the world of the power of the gems through the medium of homeopathic medicines. Peter will explain the physical, mental and spiritual powers of the gems in their ‘potentised’ form. While Peter will briefly describe all the 12 medicines from his book “Twelve Jewels”, he has chosen to speak extensively about three deeply acting medicines which are important for modern humanity: Amethyst, Diamond and Emerald. Peter will also demonstrate on members of the audience how they may diagnosed through direct assessment of the meridians and energetic points on the body.

Peter joins the results of drug research and practical experience to create a fascinating overall picture, that always shows two aspects: on the one side the symptoms and problems characterizing the homeopathic indication, on the other side the potential of power and ability, that can be made accessible through the work with the particular remedy. In this lecture Peter gives a deep insight into homeopathic work with crystals, as well as a profound understanding of the respective stones.

Workshop 1 – Drug studies on homeopathic crystal-remedies

This workshop offers the opportunity to experience first hand the action of a crystal medicine in a homeopathic drug study format. Peter will lead this workshop which will be limited to twenty-five participants. After taking an unknown homeopathic crystal medicine the group will meditate collectively to capture and understand the essence, the nature and the crystal healing attributes of the medicine. After this there will be an exchange of experiences with the other participants of the trial. From this the group will deduce the remedy’s powers and abilities including specific disease symptoms of that can be cured with the remedy together with its psychological and spiritual potentials.

Workshop 2 – The personal constitutional remedy in the crystal-homeopathy

In this workshop Peter guides the participants to their personal constitutional remedy or current indicated remedy in the crystal-homeopathy by means of colour, crystal structure, specific energetic tests and questioning. On the basis of his clinical experience and using knowledge of applied kinesiology and Chinese Medicine, Peter has developed a direct and efficient method to precisely define the crystal-remedy that empowers one’s constitution or moves one through present disease or life circumstance. Such a remedy will contribute to the healing of physical and mental disorders as well as to personal development of one’s consciousness. This process of diagnosis requires openness amongst the participants, so an important prerequisite for this workshop is that the participants are willing to show themselves as they are.

Seminar ‘Color Energy and Medicine’
At Hahnemann Institute, the Hague Holland 24 April to 26 April 2009
This seminar will consolidate the element of color, experiments with gems and the use of energetic testing not only to confirm the use of gem medicines but the greater part of the standard homeopathic material medica.

Thursday 23 April 2009

Peter will conduct a proving for those who wish to attend. I will involve the taking of an unknown medicine and a meditation to obtain a deeper understanding of its healing potentials.

Friday 24 April 2009

In the course of proving and using medicines made from gems in his practice Peter noted that color selection was a prime significator in the use of many gems. In 2007 he was introduced to the color symptom discovered by the German homeopath Dr Hugbald von Mueller. Peter will unfold the Color symptom, explaining its significance, how to obtain it, how to use it to confirm a chosen medicine and find rare medicines. Peter will explain the use of invaluable intuition that arises through color and other techniques.

To illustrate these ideas Peter will use cases of Chelidonium, Lycopersicum, Graphites, Morphinum, Anterior Pituitary and Aluminium metalicum amongst others.

Peter will continue with the color theme and extend it into the world of gems and energetic testing. He will explain his understanding of the significance of the color spectrum as it relates to healing. He has also uncovered the meridians and acupuncture points which relate directly to many of the gems. He will demonstrate the use of energetic testing for prescribing gems. He will also touch on the fascinating world of using a knowledge of the internal structure of gems to locate an effective gem medicine.

Peter will also share his knowledge on a series of new and known gems from this perspective: Turquoise, Nephrite jade, Red Spinel, Obsidian, Pearl and Amethyst.