The Healing Process

The healing process

 The path towards wellness is a unique one and most patients want an answer to the fundamental question- How long will it take? This varies from case to case, however, the factors that we consider are; the length of time you have been suffering, whether your symptoms have previously been suppressed, palliated or masked with other treatments, your age, lifestyle and medical history.

Homeopathy heals at a deep level which means that often you will begin to feel well in yourself before your symptoms have gone. For example; you may notice that you have more energy, improved sleep or a lift in your mood. Sometimes patients experience a temporary and mild return of old symptoms; this informs us that the remedy is acting at a deep level. As well as prescribing appropriate medicines, we aim to provide you with additional information to help you help yourself. Changes in diet and lifestyle in particular, can contribute positively to healing outcomes.

Supporting the healing process

Regular visits to your practitioner will help maintain your overall long term health. Many people are understandably of the opinion that they need to be sick to see a homeopath. However our experience at The Natural Medicine Centre has shown that those patients that maintain regular appointments are generally in better health than those that only come when they are sick. This is because homeopathy, through its capacity to strengthen vitality, has a preventative power, which, through regular treatment can avert the occurrence of chronic illness.

Homeopathy is holistic in nature and has the potential to act upon many different facets of your being. Please monitor your general well- being as well as paying attention to your primary problem. If new symptoms arise during treatment, please let us know; they are an important indication of your response to the remedy.

Consultations are commonly a month apart it is a good idea to make a note of any developments in your symptoms, sensations, experiences and dreams that you have between consultations. These developments and experiences are part of how we understand if the treatment is working and may offer insight into future treatments.


Please tell us about medications, supplements and other treatment modalities that you are using so that we can take them into consideration when assessing your condition.