The Natural Medicine Centre has a large range of medicines available. The vast majority of the medicines prescribed at the centre will be prepared immediately for your convenience. This service is also available to fill prescriptions made by other practitioners who use these medicines. The dispensary consists of a number of classes of medicines:

Homeopathic Medicines
These traditional preparations are prepared so as to avoid side effects. The dilution and succussion (hard shaking) method discovered by the founder of homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann enables a medicine to carry significant curative potential while largely dispensing with harmful side effects. These medicines are made from plants, minerals, animal products and disease products (including viruses and bacteria). These medicines are procured from Simillium Pharmacy in New Zealand, Brauer Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Plant Co. in Australia, Helios and Ainsworths Pharmacies in England. These medicines are prescribed on bodily and/or mental indications.

Gem Medicines

These medicines were developed by Peter Tumminello. They are available as essences and in homeopathic potencies.

They are initially prepared by immersing a whole natural crystal in water for a period of 24 or more hours. This is called the “immersion method” and all medicines made from gems at the centre are prepared in this way. Our experience shows that the water itself is energised by this technique (similar in effect to the preparation homeopathic and flower medicines), carrying the specific blueprint of the substance and making it suitable for use as a medicine.

This ‘gem water’ is then prepared into an essence and if needed into a standard homeopathic potency. As well as acting on mind and body these medicines are often useful for aligning and connecting with your spiritual life. They include all the precious gems like Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Pearl and Black Opal and many other semi-precious gems.
See Gem Medicines for further details of their effects

Flower essences

The dispensary stocks a full range of the Bach Flower essences developed by Dr Edward Bach of England and the Australian Bush Flower essences developed by Ian White in Australia. While these flower medicines are useful in many physical complaints they particularly have a recognised power over mental and emotional states.

Cost: Of all medicines is a standard $22 including GST.

First Aid Kits

Birthing Kit: Individually tailored kits are available to support women before and during labour as well as in the post-partum phase. A consultation is required so we can prepare a kit to meet your individual needs.

Home Kit
: Martin and Pleasance in Melbourne have produced an excellent first aid kit for home use. It is in a hardy plastic container with 19 medicines, 4 creams and Rescue Remedy (flower combination). It is especially adapted for travelling and may be useful in many acute and emergency situations such as colds, flus, bites, stings and minor injuries.

Travel Kit: Owen Homeopathics of Perth have produced an outstanding compact kit in a zip up case for those who are travelling. It contains seven medicines for conditions such as injuries to nerves and soft tissue, stomach disorders, colds and flus, diarrhoea and jet lag.
Cost: $60 including GST.