Homeopathic medicine has long had a hand in treating mental disorders of many kinds. Modern practitioners who use all types of natural medicine are finding that they have a unique power in overcoming depression which is so endemic in this country.

The homeopathic remedy Aurum metallicum* (the homeopathic preparation of pure gold) is famous amongst homeopaths for its ability the treat and cure chronic depression. In recent years practitioners are finding that the compounds (eg gold in compound with sodium chloride) of this exceptional medicine are also useful in the treatment of the many variations on this disease which confounds a natural enjoyment of life and severely limits our potentials.

Specific medicines from the common minerals, especially the sodium salts (where relationship difficulties are the source) and the potassium salts (where over responsibility issues are the source) have also been found to be of specific use.

We also find Flower essences useful in treating depression such as our own Waratah* (a dark night of the soul type of depression) and the Bach essence Mustard* for depression of unknown cause.
Lastly the homeopathic gem preparations are sometimes useful medicines for depression. Amongst them Diamond immersion* has been most often found beneficial in treating this condition. Many other gems such as Amethyst*, Lapis lazuli* and Golden topaz* have also proven useful.
Tailored treatments

Like all other treatments at the centre treatments for depression are tailored for specific needs. A complete history is taken and varying factors including all external and internal causes are carefully assessed in order the find effective medication for you. If you are already on orthodox medication for your condition it is not necessary to stop it until it is the proper time for its withdrawal. This can be done in consultation with your medical doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist.

* Note: Each person’s experience of depression is unique and homoeopathic medicines are selected according to those unique experiences. These medicines should never be taken without advice from a registered homeopathic practitioner.