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Colors in Homeopathy
by Ulrich Welte

This book is a boon to all who practice homeopathy. The use of colour choice as a symptom was pioneered by Dr Hugbald Volker Mueller of Germany. It has been carefully developed by him and a group of experienced homeopaths over 25 years to produce a formidable knowledge about colour and its specific correlation to many hundreds of medicines. It use enhances the selection of similar medicines which you had never before considered. The process of choice of colour is a natural connection for children in your practice.

“The color preference is a significant and effective symptom. It’s effective in the sense that it can give the indication or confirmation of a diagnosis in many cases. The color preference is a peculiar symptom expressing the inner state of the patient, which is the state of the remedy. The table designed by Ulrich Welte is the best usable I’ve seen till now. All the colors are clear and accurately standardised, so it can be used in the future without ambiguity.”
From the Foreword by Jan Scholten

Cost: $105 including GST

The Periodic Table in Homeopathy – the Silver Series 

by Ulrich Welte

A most insightful book on the understanding of the eighteen stages of the periodic table. Artful explanations, instructive cases along with excellent clinical understanding. Highly recommended.

Cost: $70 including GST

The Child’s Mind and Behaviour
by Peter Tumminello

We all know how tricky it can be to get children to communicate their symptoms. This repertory will assist the practitioner to find medicines especially useful in the treatment of children. Along with an extensive repertory, included in this book is an in-depth guide to taking the child’s case.

“This “little gem” was first published in 1990 and that print sold out. The references in the 2nd edition include the work of more current authors like Herscu and Sankaran which have enriched the work and brought it up to date. There are also many additions from the extensive clinical experience of the author. This book will be of invaluable use to students because of its extensive review of taking the child’s case. It is also a “must have” for any practitioner needing a concise, extensively referenced guide to children’s behaviours, sleep patterns and appearance.”
From the Publisher.

Cost : $33 including GST

The Patient’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine
By Robert Ullman, & Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman

This book is the patient’s user-manual to homeopathy. It is a friendly guide that makes the homeopathic process understandable to the patient by answering the questions that patients ask during their treatment. Especially recommended for people considering homeopathic treatment.

“Bob and Judyth have done an excellent job of creating and educational and inspiring book for homeopathic patients. The concepts of homeopathy are presented in a practical way, which is grasped easily by the lay reader.” Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Mumbai, India. Author of the Soul of remedies, The Spirit of Homeopathy and The Substance of Homeopathy. “This book is well-organised, comprehensive, easy to read and understand, and covers all the important topics of homeopathy.” George Vithoulkas, MIH, Director, Athenian School of Homeopathy. Author of The Science of Homeopathy, and Homeopathy, Medicine of the New man.

Cost: $22 including GST

Rhus Glabra, A Homeopathic Proving. A Portrait of Abuse
By Peter Tumminello

Rhus Glabra now joins Anarcardium and Rhus tox which are well known medicines for the treatment of conditions arising from abuse. Rhus Glabra’s imminent feeling of being abused is compensated by the feeling of being a spiritual and intellectual authority. This is boldly and simply portrayed in the dream of the most sensitive prover as the ‘death of a pope’.

Cost: $20 including GST

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