Crystal Structure

Crystal structure is a definitive set of templates around which all things that crystallise form. There are seven of these structures which have long been recognised by science through research, primarily with minerals. Every mineral, every gemstone and every organic compound has a crystal structure.

These structures are best understood through seven basic geometric shapes: the square, the rectangle, the hexagon, the triangle, the rhomboid, the parallelogram and the trapezium. As nature always needs a ‘wild card’, there is an eighth pattern which is structureless called ‘amorphous’.

You may well ask what has this got to do with medicine and healing diseases? The story is that it was discovered that crystal structures define essential psychological types. Through experimentation it was found that if a practitioner understands your typology and is able to translate it into a particular structure, it has a direct benefit in choosing a beneficial medicine for your complaint. This work was done primarily by Michael Gienger at prominent German mineralogist and healer. It was extended and deepened by Michael’s colleague Walter von Holst.

After meeting Michael and Walter and doing further research with homeopathic medicines I was able to make further inroads into understanding crystal structure and its strengths related to understanding people and their disease states. I did this through direct experimentation (provings) and investigating clinical cases where the homeopathic prescription was clearly beneficial in the long term. The results of my work are in my book ‘Psyche and Structure’ (see section under books on this site).

After many years of clinical research, I also found that understanding structural typologies was beneficial when prescribing plant and animal medicines. If you are a practitioner and would like to have the latest list of structures as it pertains to homeopathic medicines made from minerals, gemstones, organic compounds, plants and animals you are welcome to download the free listing below.

Latest crystal structure list (April 2024)

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Structure of Homeopathic medicines – Tumminello – April 2024