Diet and Lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle advice

As a result of understanding your condition we often like to recommend things you can do to help yourself. With regard to food we may ask you to avoid or eliminate specific foods which we believe may aggravate the condition. While this could be any food group we find that grains (commonly in digestive problems) and dairy foods (common in respiratory problems) are prevalent. Excess of sugar, insufficient beneficial fluids, excesses of cold foods are not uncommonly a source of trouble.

We might also ask you to include foods which we know will benefit your condition eg leafy greens or citrus for the liver; bitter foods for the heart and circulation and proteins for the kidney. There are also natural foods supplements such as apple cider vinegar (de-acidifies in arthritis), molasses (strengthens blood and bowel), beetroot (strengthens the heart) and chickpeas (strengthens spleen) which will benefit certain conditions.

Sleep, exercise and workload are often important elements and we will comment on these when they are an issue for your current condition or your long term health.