2020 Seminars

PSYCHE and STRUCTURE:    Crystals, minerals and personality typology

Join us for a Free taster on Zoom      Wednesday 30 September,

7.00 – 8.30pm New Zealand time

4.00 – 5.30pm Australian time East Coast

3.30 – 5 pm South Aust. and Northern Territory

2.00 -3.30pm West Australia

8.00 – 9.30am South Africa

There is a ‘stamp of personality’ that we all carry with us … a way of behaving, a set of sensibilities and expressions that allow us to identify each other. Peter has identified this unique resource through his research into the crystal structure, and found that it ushers a valuable pathway to the simillimum.

Peter will now do a free taster on this ground-breaking work.
He will introduce the principles of crystal structure, show its relevance to all gems, minerals and organic compounds and give a short sample case. This will take the form of a free 90 minute webinar. There will be a substantial period for live questions and answers.

‘Crystal structures are psycho-emotional forms, the containers of trends of thinking and feeling, the broad brushstrokes of the mind and heart which form a recognisable landscape’

This taster is a precursor to a series of webinars about crystal structure as well as the use of the colour symptom in practice. If you saw his introduction in Dunedin and want to refresh, or if this work is new to you and sparks your interest please join us live!

Register by email for this event on
info@andromeda333.com or leila.joffe@orcon.net.nz

Leila Joffe and Gwyneth Evans www.andromeda333.com