Gem Medicines

The gem medicines were developed by Peter Tumminello, the director of the Centre. They are available as essences and in homeopathic potencies.

How are they made?

They are initially prepared by immersing a whole natural crystal in water for a period of 24 or more hours. This is called the “immersion method” and all medicines made from gems at the centre are prepared in this way.

Our experience shows that the water itself is energised by this technique (similar in effect to the preparation homeopathic and flower medicines), carrying the specific blueprint of the substance and making it suitable for use as a medicine.

This “gem water’ is then prepared into a medicine using standard homeopathic methodologies. As well as acting on mind and body these medicines are often useful for aligning and connecting with your spiritual life. They include all the precious gems like Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Pearl and Black Opal and many other semi-precious gems.

Where are they available?
They are available from Natural Medicine Centre, Sydney, Simillimum Pharmacy, Wellington in New Zealand, Ainsworths Pharmacy in London, England and selected remedies are available at other prominent pharmacies around the world.