What is Homoeopathy?

Our intention at the Natural Medicine Centre is to restore, maintain and improve wellness which is the foundation of a contented and fulfilling life.

Holistic Treatment:
We offer holistic treatment using natural medicines which are safe to use and have no harmful side effects. We select these according to homeopathic principles which have been tried and tested over hundreds of years. Homeopathy is unusual in its capacity to address a broad spectrum of conditions. The practitioners at the Natural Medicine Centre have many years of experience and have encountered a wide range of illness and disease, be it physical, emotional or psychological, in their daily practices. If you are uncertain as to whether you have a condition that may benefit from homeopathy please contact us.

To address illness holistically means to look beyond its label. We express our uniqueness in many ways; both in sickness and in health and it is this very uniqueness that guides the practitioner towards the selection of the best homeopathic remedy for each person. No two headaches are ever alike when you look beyond the physical label and begin to consider the individuating symptoms and circumstances in which they arise. By tracing the underlying cause of illness, and prescribing according to the unique picture that emerges, symptoms can be addressed and even eliminated in their entirety. Through this method lasting health may be maintained.
Because we are looking beyond the label of a disease and working holistically it means that symptoms other than your main problem may improve under the influence of the treatment.

The Nature of Illness:
Illness often has a purpose, acting as a messenger to alert us to a deeper concern. Many of us experience minor physical symptoms when we are stressed, which, if ignored will deteriorate further until we listen and take action. Often we ignore them because the truth of the matter is inconvenient in some way. We believe we haven’t got time to de –stress, or take enough exercise. Or it may be that we haven’t had time to grieve, or don’t feel free to express ourselves in an authentic and fulfilling way. These imbalances both impact upon and are a reflection of a deeper disturbance. This is a disturbance in the energy field at the level of the vital force.

The Vital Force:
The vital force is a term used to describe the intelligent living energy that is responsible for maintaining our equilibrium and enabling our life. The vital force is acknowledged in many systems of medicine particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture where it is referred to as ‘Qi’. You may be familiar with the acupuncture meridians which are channels for this energy. Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine also refer to this energy but as ‘prana’. All these systems are describing the same intelligent energy which maintains health and vitality.
While seemingly intangible, the effect of the vital force is readily apparent in your day to day energy and ability to engage dynamically with life.

Because of its energetic nature a homeopathic medicine has the capacity to facilitate healing at the level of the vital force, thus producing a holistic and long-lasting effect.