Gems – The Healing Potential

Amethyst immersion is made from a strong purple variety of Amethyst. This substance is crystallised silicon dioxide with traces of Iron, which give its characteristic colour. This is an outstanding medicine and often indicated where homeopaths identify the medicine Phosphorus for an individual. It is for those who are oversensitive and who easily pick up the feelings of others to their detriment. It opens the heart to unconditional love for all. It is an excellent medicine for addictive tendencies, especially alcoholism. It is a useful medicine for ailments of the respiratory tract including asthma and sinusitis. It also acts on the heart and kidneys.
Colour association: purple.
Crystal Structure: Trigonal

Aquamarine immersion empowers the feminine (feeling nature) by connecting strength of solar plexus to heart and head. It enables one to give voice to that strength by standing up for yourself with outspokenness – ‘taking your power’. It is good for those in management, enabling the ability critique others in a balanced way. It is also indicated for letting go of past relationships.
Aquamarine is generally helpful for creativity with voice and through music.
It improves clarity of thought, awareness, focus and alertness.
Physical: Chronic fatigue from past abuse where the truth has never been spoken. Worn out, tired or ‘old’ from trying too hard or being under pressure of work or stress. Increases energy by making one more impervious to stress. It acts to improve vision.
Colour affinity: sky blue or light aquamarine
Crystal structure: Hexagonal

Aragonite-white immersion This remarkable medicine is a counterpart to the classic Calc carb of homeopathy, with an accent on the ‘feeling’ nature. It is useful for development difficulties in children who are ‘feeling centred’ and tactile by nature. It also increases confidence and the ability to deal with conflict, especially in ‘family matters’.
It increases concentration and comprehension, improving the ability to be methodical and orderly.
Spiritually it enhances the intuitive faculty.
Physical: because Aragonite is primarily composed of the element calcium it has a similar effect to Calc carb. It moderates excessive eating especially in the form of ‘grazing’. It improves energy when well indicated and has an affinity for the lower bowel. It often exhibits its best effects in phlegmatic types.
Colour affinity: white
Crystal structure: Orthorhombic

Calcite-green im.Anger and irritability regarding the difficulties and impositions of life. Sensitivity to criticism. Stimulates the memory of past vexations, enabling processing and letting them go. Increases confidence for and ideas for conducting business.
It is a good respiratory medicine indicated for colds and rattling cough. Also for joint problems: shoulder, knees or lower back. Dry heat with rashes. Improves ability to regulate diet and avoid excessive eating. Hence one naturally reduces weight. It is the green version of the classic homeopathic Calc carb and can be prescribed on Calc carb symptoms where is there clear green affinity.
Colour affinity: Green
Crystal Structure: Trigonal

Black opal immersion is made from a classic Australian Black opal from Lightning Ridge in New South Wales. Interestingly, it has a reputation of being an unlucky stone. This could be related to the fact that it has the power to release all that has been inhibited and limited. It is for releasing the treasure of the authentic and spiritualised self, for breaking down the barriers of disconnection, repression and imprisonment of our own and society’s making. It is for those who desire change, release and transformation. It gives great centeredness and strength in times of change. It is indicated for paralysis (inability to change); chronic fatigue; chronic ear pain and the effects of sexual repression.
Colour affinity: blue or rainbow colours
Crystal structure: Amorphous

Carnelian immersion Anxiety associated with bodily tension. An excellent remedy for body-centred “stress” and associated ailments especially headaches. It alleviates procrastination and willingness to undertake arduous tasks. It improves the ability to confront what are perceived difficult or tenuous relationships. It increases confidence and courage. It improves connection with the group – be it familial or otherwise.
Physical: It activates the flow of blood enhancing initiative and the ability to ‘getting going’ in the morning. Indicated for excessive sexual inclinations mental and physical. It is also indicated where one would like to increase sensuality in an intimate relationship.
Colour affinity: Red
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Chrysoprase immersion increases self-awareness and the ability to introspect. It enables the ability to recognise and dissolve compulsive behaviour patterns – including around sensible eating. It increases motivation and dispels negativity – inferred by its bright green colour.
In love relationships it promotes deep passion and faithfulness. It is also indicated for dispelling jealousy or the effect of disappointed love.
Spirit: This medicine has an interesting spiritual dimension – it increases faith in a ‘Higher power’ and the continuation of life after death in the form of the soul.
Physical: it is a first class remedy for acting on the liver for detoxification of systemic poisons of almost any kind. It has been found to be useful in infections including tonsilitis It increases stamina. It is indicated for skin eruptions including neuro-dermatitis.
Colour affinity: Green – commonly bright
Crystal Structure: Trigonal
Components: Silica with a small amount of nickel which colours it.

Diamond immersion is made from a whole crystal of white diamond, which is chemically comprised of pure carbon. This is an extraordinary medicine for chronic depression and many have been cured by its action. The indications are suicidal feelings relating to self-hate, loss of faith or loss of your most precious possession (be that a person, an object or one’s sense of self). Anguish, despair, worthlessness and perfectionism are often associated. On the positive side a great sense of positivity and self-love ensues from its curative use. It is a staunch friend at the time of physical death making passing over fearless and secure. It strengthens the will, enables one to realise his golden desire. Most spiritual among the medicines, it opens the 6th and 7th chakras and opens the consciousness to transformation in every way. Physically it acts on the head, sinuses and anus. It has a specific power over viral diseases.
Colour association: white, black and the rainbow of colours as a whole.
Colour association: white, black and the rainbow of colours as a whole.
Crystal structure: Cubic

Emerald immersion is the epitome of the rich green of nature, the abundance of life force. Psychologically it is indicated when one feels their potential and desire for expression is trapped and needs release. This is often associated with frustration and anger, related to one’s own incapacity or situation. The freeing of this feeling leads to a sense of strength, and an ability to undertake tasks that seem insurmountable. It is the medicine par excellence for balancing difficulties in male / female relations. It allows each one to come to the relationship in their strength without aggressive power struggles or emotional manipulation.
Physical: it regulates and distributes heat in the body. It is excellent for migraines (one sided) and has an action on the heart and digestive tract.
Colour association: rich, deep green
Crystal structure: Hexagonal

Golden Topaz immersion is made from the gem often called Imperial topaz. It has a deep golden or even amber colour.
Psychological: it is indicated for those whose lives are locked up from fear, shock or loss in the past. This often leads to depression, negativity or being ‘out of the body’ and not in this world. Once these scars of the past are released there is energised enthusiasm, a personal renewal, a love of life that it actuated. Because of its ability to clear away the past it is excellent for creating positive relationship and communication in a family where there was previously dysfunction and lack of communication.
Spiritually: it is for letting go of the world and its trappings and allowing you to make the pilgrimage within. It is the stone for spiritual retreats. It develops devotional love, opening the heart to the divine.
Physical: energises and strengthens and produces steadiness on the feet. It has an action on the liver and lower abdomen.
Colour association: golden yellow
Crystal structure: Orthorhombic

Heliotrope immersion
Heliotrope is an excellent medicine to bolster immune resilience. It is useful in upper respiratory infections like tonsilitis. Its pervading green colour with the ‘sparks’ of red infer its known power to stimulate (red) detoxification (green). It strengthens the blood and is indicated for bleeding wounds and bruising.
Mentally it is indicated for those who are oversensitive to external influences. It promotes the establishment of boundaries while enhancing the ability to be flexible and ‘go with the flow’. At times an individual who needs this medicine may experience irritability, impatience and aggression and in these cases it will increase the internal power of ‘self -control’.
Colour association: deep green
Crystal structure: Cubic

Jade-nephrite-green immersion A deep acting medicine. This stone is notably found around the Pacific ‘rim of fire’ where it is associated with metamorphosis caused by volcanic activity.
It is particularly useful in personal love relationships where one feels compelled to be with someone that obviously isn’t good for them. It could be they are ‘sucked into a vortex’ of sexuality. There is a tendency to suppress themselves or to be yielding to others with strong will or dominating character. If this becomes abuse of any kind, Nephrite brings about a dramatic reckoning as they rebel.
It encourages independence – finding and preserving of your own identity. For those who ‘attract’ a series of ‘bad luck’ or ‘misfortune’ type events.
Physical: true to its name arising from the Greek ‘nephros’ (kidney) it is useful for regulating body fluids. It is indicated for strengthening bodily tissues including teeth.
Components Iron, magnesium and silica.
Colour affinity: deep ‘jade’ green
Crystal structure: Monoclinic

Jade-nephrite-black immersion
This form of Nephrite jade has a high iron content which affects the colour. The central theme of Black Jade is the propensity to adjust to social conditions eg the prevailing opinions of a group or society. They tend to lack the ‘ground’ to stand for who they are and what they believe. It is often indicated for those who are gentle, kind and submissive and who easily allows others to take charge. They may feel inwardly feel controlled and intruded on. Improves confidence around others who are strong willed. An internalised, ‘basal’ or ‘grounded’ feeling is instilled. Increases productivity.
It is calming after stressful overactivity. Improves vibrant social interaction, mental ease and flow.
Physical: Helps moderate excessive desire for sweets. It is indicated for excessive internal heat affecting the heart and prolonged and drying fevers.
Colour affinity: black
Crystal Structure: Monoclinic

Lapis lazuli immersion is made from one of the most ancient of gemstones used originally in Egypt. This medicine is indicated for the search for meaning, that which is bigger than yourself. It is also for those searching for the cause of unhappiness or disease, or can arise out of being tied to the mundane trivialities of life. Its resolution is in seeing the bigger picture, the aerial view of freedom, beauty and perspective. It is also indicated for those who have not been nurtured properly and it allows them to ‘mother’ or nurture themselves. Like Golden topaz it improves communication, freedom of expression and connectedness in families. It acts on the throat chakra. Physical: acts on the thyroid and historically has a beneficial action on the eyes and sight.
Colour association: royal blue.
Crystal Structure: Cubic

Moonstone immersion is made from the classic blue toned moonstone which is a potassium, aluminium and silicon compound. It is particularly indicated for children and the elderly. The mental indicators are commonly feeling alone and misunderstood. It is the ‘lone wolf’ medicine, for those who have no sense of family and are feeling isolated and abandoned.
Physically: it acts on the heart and thyroid gland and is a very useful medicine for those with a tendency to haemorrhage. Women with excessive menstrual bleeding should avoid it in jewellery.
Colour association: Light blue.
Crystal structure: Monoclinic

Morion immersion is made from the variety of quartz crystal that is black but is transparent on holding it to the light. It is a remarkable medicine for those who are hindered in their life by past events, tainted memories and feelings that have been left on the refuse heap of the unconscious mind. It is often related to physical or emotional abuse where the feelings and memories are suppressed. These people are trapped in the darkness of their past. The release of the memories is often cathartic and intense yet leads to resolution and reconciliation.
Physically: this medicine works on the lower bowel and urinary system.
Colour association: Black.
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Pearl immersion is a medicine of vast import. It is classically associated with and worn by women, in truth it strengthens the feeling nature regardless of gender. It resolves panic, terror, irritability, over sympathy and hysteria when associated with the sensitive feeling nature. It is for those that are insecure and overwhelmed by their feelings. The positive outcome is firmness, balance and confidence all centred in the feeling world. It is a medicine of leadership through integration of feelings. While Diamond immersion it is a medicine of spiritual mastery through the mind, Pearl achieves the same through perfect calmness and peace in the feeling nature. It has a special action on the head (pressing headaches) and eyes (effects of strain). It is an excellent remedy for travel sickness and jet lag.
Colour association: white.
Crystal structure: Orthorhombic

Quartz crystal immersion is made from a clear quartz crystal from King’s Bluff in South Australia. It is a medicine for the ego, be it exaggerated or diminished. It is for those looking for recognition, those that have great ambitions. These can be intellectual, spiritual or physical. The resolution of this state is the healing of the tension that arises with these feelings and the realisation that even the small in this world is an indispensable part of the universe. He learns to go with the flow. This medicine brings great visionary and inner wisdom and connection with the spiritual path. Physical: it is a remedy for colds, flus and glandular swelling and it is important for bone growth.
Colour association: deep violet.
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Rhodonite immersion is composed manganese silicate and the material used in our preparation is from Tamworth in New South Wales. It is the medicine for those that desire wealth but are too selfish and aggressive in seeking it. For these people a sense of generosity and self-sacrifice is developed. Others who need it may be doing all the ‘right’ things in life but are unable to save or get ahead in a material way. For them it opens the flow to abundance.
Spiritually: it is indicated for compassion, selflessness and the suffering for your beliefs or the greater good.
Physical: manganese is used in batteries and Rhodonite is a great energiser. It is indicated for physical trauma much like the medicine Arnica Montana.
Colour association: pinkish red and black.
Crystal structure: Triclinic

Rose Quartz immersion is composed of silica with that exquisite rose pink so attractive to many women. It releases grief and depression especially with regard to family relationships and enables one to let go of the past in this respect. It improves harmony in the home, releases anxiety about loved ones and heals over responsibility towards those we love. It is for those who are martyrs for love. It is an exploration of the nature of love itself, love between persons, the primary motivator of the heart. It placates the tendency to see the world as you would like it to be (through rose coloured glasses) and to ignore pragmatic realities. On the physical plane it is very useful in insomnia, heart palpitation and fatigue.
Colour association: all tones of pink.
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Ruby immersion is indicated for those who are suffering from the burden of responsibility in the form of a mission. They tend to take on their life work in a ‘religious’ way, forsaking the softer and more human aspects of their being to complete their task. This results in too much masculine or yang energy in their lives a wounding of their feminine side. In some situations there is focus on money and power with a loss of heart felt feeling. All these states are resolved by Ruby immersion and a wonderful attunement of heart and will come into play. Physically: it acts on the cardio-vascular system and is indicated for palpitations, heart disease and easy haemorrhage. It also has a specific action on the shoulders.
Colour association: deep rich red.
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Sapphire immersion is made from sapphires found in Oberon New South Wales. It is the medicine for warming the cold heart. Feelings are shut down from the harsh experiences and traumas of life, from war and violence. This is often necessary for survival, yet it is then carried into ordinary life and becomes a hindrance to love, care and compassion. It allows us to tear away the masks, which hide our true nature. It is also an excellent medicine for creative ideas; it opens up the mind to new perspectives of creativity and different views of world and its phenomena.
Physical: it is a medicine for inflamed arthritic joints. It is also indicated for tendonitis.
Colour association: deep blue.
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Tourmaline-black immersion
This is a deep medicine for the effects of trauma, fear and terror. It is indicated for those who descend into panic and need to hide when threatened. Suppression of feelings from fear of what will happen to you – fear of being abused, attacked or hit. It is specifically indicated for claustrophobia, fear of spiders, tunnels and flying.
Positive: Increases sense of boundaries as a response to violation and damage to feelings. The ability to be able to talk freely without fear and feel heard. Increases strength in the core and lessens oversensitivity to others. Enhances character strength, courage, clear conscience and solidarity for the group. It improves memory.
Physical: Aching jaw; itching ears; lump in the throat associated with fear. Encourages movement of bowels. It is indicated for ‘sick building’ syndrome. Coccygeal pain.
Colour affinity: black
Crystal structure: Trigonal

Turquoise immersion is made from Turquoise from the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ mine in Arizona USA. It is indicated for the effects of trauma and ‘tragic’ occurrences, whether they be associated with a disaster, accident, abuse or loss. Traditionally it has been used as protection for those who ride horses and many of those who have used it experience this sense of protection and safety regardless of the situation. It is often suitable for women as it appears that it protects the feeling nature.
Physical: Turquoise has been found to be very useful for chronic and acute cough (related to its copper content).
Colour association: all shades of turquoise.
Crystal structure: Triclinic

Other Immersion medicines that have been prepared and are available at Simillimum Pharmacy, Wellington, New Zealand and Helios Pharmacy in the United Kingdom.