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Crystal Remedies – The Next Step

Saturday & Sunday 12th and 13th October 2013
North Sydney Community  Centre
For Registration and Information.

Contact: Vera Externest at the AHA National Office 07 4636 5081

Email: admin@homeopathyoz.org

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The Precious Stones: Flowers of the Underworld

Two days In Salon-de-Provence on 24 and 25 May 2013

The seminar will be presented in English. Simultaneous translation into French will be provided.

Contact and registration:
Dr Geneviève Gueymard
Tél : 04 92 70 78 86
Email : ggueymard002@cegetel.rss.fr



Precious Gems in Homeopathy

Two Days in Kandern, Germany

June 8 and 9, 2013

On June 8-9 of this year, the well-known Australian homeopath and author Peter Tumminello will hold a seminar in Kandern, Germany about the most important precious gems, including: Diamond, Sapphire, Amethyst, Pearl and Rose Quartz.

Peter Tumminello’s knowledge and experience with these remedies is exceptional, having used them in his practice and experimented with them since 1994.
To showcase these gems he will present a number of video cases and case reports. He will further illustrate them using imagery and the lyrics of popular songs with which some of the gems are deeply aligned.

Peter has used his personal experience of the medicines as the door to knowing and understanding them through his own healing and that of his clients.
He will explain his journeys of proving, fashioning the gems into cut stones, mining them, wearing them as jewellery and prescribing them to clients in his Sydney clinic. He has now taken part in more than one hundred gem provings.

The seminar will be presented in English. Simultaneous translation into German will be provided.

Registration: Narayana Publishers, info@narayana-publishers.com

 Tel.: +49 7626 974 970-0,



NZCOH Biennial Conference

17-19 August 2013

Treating Teenagers

Teenage years are a time of change, change is disturbing and the experience is often a behavioural minefield. Peter will discuss and explain cases of the Gems that ably meet the needs of teenagers during these years.

Homeopathic Practice

Peter will share his vast experience and views on this and reflect on the state of homeopathy in the world today. He will shed light on the paradigm of homeopathic practice in Western  countries and viable solutions  for its growth.

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Contact: conference@homeopathy.co.nz

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