2018 Seminars


Stone Healing Congress

in Gersfeld (Rhon) on 15th and 16th September

Through years of clinical research and experimentation Peter has understood the relationship of crystal structure to mind, feeling and body. He has used his understanding of crystal structure to solve many diseases in his homeopathic practice in Sydney, Australia. He will explain the importance and relevance of crystal structure to every modality that uses gems and minerals as instruments of healing. There will be two one hour presentations in which Peter will facilitate the exploration of your own structural typing.


Hochdorf Telefon: 07153 9296513





Sophia School of Homeopathy, Derbyshire presents

Psyche and Structure

Crystals, minerals and personality typology

with Peter Tumminello, ND, DBM, Adv Dip. Hom, FGAA

on Monday 8th October and Tuesday 9th October

Every mineral crystallises. Carbon can become graphite or a diamond depending on the crystal structure. Peter will introduce his work, which uses key of crystal structure to unlock prescriptions to not only the gems but the vast array of minerals in the homeopathic material medica. This is a new arena of homeopathic understanding and result of Peter’s 10 years of scientific and clinical research.

This seminar is an exposition of the material in Peter’s new book ‘Psyche and Structure’ and builds on his previous work ‘Twelve Jewels’. He has also created the ‘Colour Chart of the Gems’ as a map into the gem remedies through an understanding of structure and the use of the colour symptom.

‘I believe Psyche and Structure is Peter’s masterwork. …it actually illuminates, as science aspires to, the underlying principles of manifestation, and that, it seems to me, is a very great achievement.’ Misha Norland, UK



Australian Homeopathic Association Bi-ennial conference

‘Homeopathic Medicine, 21st Century Science’

in Sydney on 20th and 21st of October at the Novotel, Manly

Peter will conduct a workshop on crystal structure at the conference on Saturday 20th.

Contact: homeopathyconf.com.au



Australian Traditional Medicine Society

The Colour Symptom in Homeopathy

on Tuesday 30th October, 7.00-8.30pm AEST

Contact: www.atms.com.au/ATMS%20Events/